Schertel Enterprises


This patented framing device will help you to frame walls, joists and trusses more time efficient and more safe at the same time.

To use this framing tool, you will have 3 major benefits:

  • You will be able to frame walls, floor joists and roof trusses 30% faster than usual. Installing risers for roof tiles will save you up to 50% of the time you used to spent. That means, you will save a lot of time = money!

  • This tool works absolutely accurate, putting studs or joists in their desired place, even if they are twisted. No more pushing or pulling!

  • It is much safer to use this framing tool, because you will not have your hands anywhere near where you fasten the studs or joists using your nail gun.

So, if you want to be way ahead of your competitors or you simply want to be more efficient and safe,

give us a call or contact us per E-mail:

250 - 462 - 0826    or

Tool price: CAD 250.00 + tax and shipping


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